Client 8


Give your employees the tools they need. Intune/Microsoft Endpoint Manager is designed to automate the management of your business's devices, enhancing the productivity and creativity of end users. It is the Azure based Enterprise Mobility Management solution that supports IT professionals and users by offering a Unified Endpoint Managment (UEM).

Client 2


Choose the perfect devices for your users. Take advantage of the Apple Business Manager and Autopilot programs for a zero-touch experience without the involvment of the IT department or opt for manual imaging.

Client 3


Go beyond configuration profiles and use policies and scripts to customize your devices for the optimal user experience.

Client 5


Buy apps with the Apple/Microsoft Volume Purchase Program in bulk, choose an automatic installation scope, or make them available in Self Service. Appls are automatically configured with the settings required by the users in your organization.

Client 6


Collect hardware, software, and security information from your devices. Create custom reports, receive alerts, or create smart groups to assign policies or apps.

Client 4


Give users within your organization the ability to install apps, update software, and maintain their own device without the help fo the IT department, while allowing for safeguards from known issues.

Client 1


Secure yoru devices using native security measures such as Bitlocker and FileVault. Manage device settings and configurations, mitigate malicious software, and update all controlled devices without user interaction.